The medical tourism team at S’HealthAid is highly experienced in paperwork, bureaucratic detail, foreign insurance company transactions, hospital accounting, air ambulance arrangements, and commercial and private air ambulance reservations. Thanks to its unique ability, S-Health carries out all formal procedures and preparations on your behalf as an intermediary organization.

All you need is a smooth experience. We prepare everything for you, so you do not need to deal with all the hustle and bustle. When you choose S'HealthAid, you will see that there is no hidden cost, no surprise invoice. All procedures are transparent. We are your reliable mediator both in your medical treatment and social program coordination, at affordable prices. S'HealthAid manages everything single-handedly as your professional, elite intermediary.

Health-care services do not have high costs. They are less than Europe and the USA without giving up any quality. The cost of the total package of medical services and amenities are considerably less than comparable countries in north America and Europe. In addition, the healthy and robust environment and culture provides a safe and smooth recovery for patients.

The quality and richness of medical services as well as high quality services of amenities by respecting your cultural and religious preferences place Turkey to a unique position. In Turkey, there are no waiting lists. Hospitals and health-care institutions are in compliance with international standards and provide state of the art technologies and medical equipment. There are many specialists who have strong hold of their own field in that they contribute to many international studies and guidelines. You will have easier access to the procedures outside the scope of your insurance scheme at reasonable price in Turkey. Access to modern medical services that necessitate specialty and experience, socio-cultural similarities; hospitality, leisure, relaxation and fun, thanks to conventional tourism opportunities that millions of tourists enjoy in Turkey every year.

Turkey is at the top of the world listings with 52 JCI hospitals while it has 10 TEMOS accredited hospitals. That means the hospital equipment’s and physical conditions are in line with high international standards. The specialty levels of the doctors in Turkey adds significant value to the quality of healthcare services. In addition, it is also a proof of this endeavor that Turkish Ministry of Health has 87 co-operation agreements with 53 countries.

A video appointment will require a few basic needs and some choices. You will need:
1) a secure internet connection (broadband),
2) a video platform,
3) technology support. You will then choose whether to record your interaction (recording device) and chose your peripherals to assist in the visit.