About us

What is S’HealthAid?

S’HealthAid handles the mediating services between the prospective patients and doctors and/or hospitals in Turkey as a facilitator with our rich health tourism network and services. We provide a platform for prospective patients who are seeking medical advice or future treatment in Turkey. Telemedicine capabilities of S’HealthAid are unique and offer second opinion services to prospective patients in order to provide them medical counseling about their situations. By providing them a comprehensive platform, patients are able to find the best medical services from the medical service providers and medical professionals through our telemedicine platform.

We Care About you

Our team always puts your health first, we always strive to give you the best price options and the best for your health

Why Turkey?

Turkey has significantly invested to both medical education as well as medical infrastructure development for so many years.

Best Technology

We offer technological infrastructure to connect patients with their doctor(s) and medical institution(s).

Why is S’HealthAid?

Because we are always at your service, care about you and your health, and we search for the best offers and doctors for you, we do not allow you to be exploited.

What our Clients Says ?

Get to know the opinions of our customers in our services, we will always be happy with your happiness

I got a very special offer from S’HealthAid at Medicana Hospital, and the service was great, and I also got many offers from them before choosing Medicana Hospital.

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Ahmed Ali Hair Transplant

S’HealthAid is one of the most distinguished companies. I implanted my teeth in a specialized center, and I had contacted many hospitals before them, and the prices were very expensive.

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Israa Mohamed tooth implant

I tried the video consulting service. I did not initially believe that it is effective, but I tried it to get an additional opinion and it was very cool.

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Stephen Chlaw Medical consultation

For a while, I have been thinking to do treatment abroad, and the idea was to contact the doctors before traveling, a distinct idea that allows me to search for and choose a doctor without embarrassment.

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Jonathan Doe Medical consultation

Know more about us

  • We offer technological infrastructure to connect patients with their doctor(s) and medical institution(s).
  • Our e-money payment and transfer solution will take all hurdles away so treatment period will be smooth and pleasant.
  • As a health-tourism company, with our skillful and caring professionals, we will be serving and supporting patients whenever and wherever they need us.
  • Our professionals will meet all expectations for any kind of health tourism needs ranging from cheapest flight tickets to private ambulance jets as well as hotels, transfers, car rentals, post recovery wellness, tourism alternatives etc.
  • Before coming to Turkey for treatment, patients will be able to have a medical examination through our telemedicine platform by exploring and better understanding their situations and treatment options.
  • Telemedicine capabilities and rich networks of doctors will allow patients to get a second opinion on their situations even if they don’t want to come to Turkey for their medical treatment"
  • S’HealthAid Telemedicine platform is HIPAA – Compliant. S’HealthAid telemedicine platform stores, processes, and transmits sensitive health-related information, consistent with your privacy and security obligations under frameworks such as the US’HealthAid Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • Providing platform to match patients with the right doctor and hospital. Comprehensive search options to find the right doctor and hospital.
  • Uploading patients’ medical records and information for a superior medical counseling and guidance.
  • Offering online telemedicine platform to get a second opinion on patient’s health situation.
  • Read doctor and hospital profiles in addition to patient reviews prior to selecting a health care professional for a better care.
  • Meeting with potential doctor(s) and exploring future treatment options with the help of online telemedicine platform.
  • Ensuring that patient will get a fair deal and pricing from medical institutions.
  • Providing health tourism logistics support like flight tickets, transfers, hotels and others.
  • Offering telemedicine platform for patient’s medical follow-up sessions with their own doctor.
  • Making money transfers and payments through online e-money platform in a secure, fast and low-cost environment.

1. Turkey has significantly invested to both medical education as well as medical infrastructure development for so many years.
2. Slightly more than 1,500 inpatient medical institutions with 1 million health personnel in which 150,000 of them are doctors are serving for the health of community in Turkey and International Patients.
3. 500,000 international patients have received medical service from Turkish medical institutions in 2018 and this figure is targeted to rise 1.5 Million in 2023.
4. Doctors are very well educated and trained to provide quality health care and treatment
5. Because of the population and variety of medical cases support doctors to gain more experiences
6. Thanks to purchasing power parity Turkey offers affordable and competitive pricing for the high-quality medical services.
7. Health care institutions and hospitals are accredited and audited regularly to guarantee their quality of services with international standards
8. Hospitals and medical institutions are operating with the latest technological medical equipment.
9. There are no waiting lists for the health care services
10. Hospitality culture of the Turkish people and respect to diversity makes health care services exceptional
11. Rich tourism infrastructure supports the logistical needs of international patients
12. Multi language speaking staff makes life easier for the patients
13. With its strategic location, Turkey is very close to patients’ homeland
14. Turkish Airlines and other international airlines have frequent flights to Istanbul with rich domestic connection flights in Turkey.
15. During your post recovery period you can enjoy Turkey’s tourism potentials with your family.